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Kimia Zakerin as "Meryem"
Kimia Zakerin and Feryal Kilisli
K. Zakerin, F. Kilisli, N. Baybura
Naci Baybura as "Nihat"
K. Zakerin, F. Kilisli, N. Baybura

Written and Directed by Ecegül Bayram

Shot by Konstantin Lyubimov

Production Design by Leticia Bianco and Ecegül Bayram

Edited by Joanie Educate

Aşrı is about a Turkish woman, Bahar, coming to terms with living with a Syrian refugee girl, Meryem, who was bought as a second wife by her husband Nihat. You see a woman whose life consisted on taking care of her husband, who was accused of being barren all throughout her life despite her husband's infertility. The recent changes in Middle East and the increased amount of refugees in Turkey brings Nihat to "purchase" a newer, younger bride, Meryem.

The story is inspired by the dozens of Turkish women who have been facing a similar situation where they had been blaming the Syrian girls but not their own husbands.

Aşrı is about a girl who has to suffer for a safe space, a woman who’s afraid of being replaced in her own home, and a man who is in denial of his infertility in a patriarchal society. Depicting an overlooked current global problem, it criticizes the world’s reaction to Syrian refugee girls being “sold” into forced marriages.



NYU New Visions and Voices Film Festival, NY - USA 2017

  • 1st Place Niklas Kalborg Award

  • Ensemble Cast Craft Award

  • Production Design Craft Awards 

PORTO FEMME - International Film Festival,  Portugal, 2019

  • Best Student Short Film

NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth), Seattle - USA, 2019

  • Official Selection

Beirut International Woman Film Festival, Lebanon, 2019

  • Official Selection

Stockholm Independent Film Festival, Sweden, 2019

  • Finalist

Tulipoff International Film Festival, Denmark, 2019

  • Official Selection

Tehran Cinefest Film Festival, Iran, 2019

  • Official Selection

15th Lago Film Festival, Italy, 2019

  • "Female Visions" Special Screening

Fusion Film Festival, 2017

  • Honorable Mention

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, 2018

  • December Finalist

Behind the scenes photography by Olga Ush.

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